Demonstration in Al-Khadr Met with Violence; 5 Arrested, 2 Hospitalized

November 5, 2006 at 11:48 am


Friday, Nov. 3–PSP activists joined with Israeli peace group Ta’ayush to challenge the theft of olives and olive trees by Israeli settlers and the Israeli occupation forces. Activists planned to march to the Al-Khadr checkpoint where they would dump Palestinian olives, olive tree branches and olive oil onto Route 60, a street the Israeli government intends to make Israeli-only for settlers. Like the grape harvest demonstration less than one month ago, activists were immediately met with brutality from the Israeli army and Israeli police.

Settlers left their cars in the streets to confront the activists. During the confrontation, one settler punched a member of Ta’ayush in the face. The soldiers and police approached quickly, and without saying anything began attacking and arresting the activists. Some grabbed activists, while others beat them with guns and clubs. Demonstrators were thrown to the ground then kicked and punched and beaten again with guns and clubs. As people were being arrested, activists clung to them in efforts to de-arrest, but because there were approximately 100 soldiers and police present, they were unsuccessful. 2 members of Ta’ayush and 3 Palestinian activists were arrested and are still being held. They are all being held in Kiryat Arba, a nearby settlement, but the Palestinians have been isolated in a separate location. 2 Palestinians were taken to the hospital. Samer Abdel Kareem 32, was beaten severely, lost consciousness at the scene and does not remember the attack. He was treated for a concussion and then released. Mahmoud Mohammed Saleh 28 remains in the hospital with injuries to the lower back and spine. At this time he is unable to walk on his own.

PSP will bring you updates as they come to us.

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