Palestinian assaulted by IOF after roadblock removal

October 11, 2006 at 10:32 pm


A Palestinian man, 25, was severely beaten, following the successful removal of a road block in Beit Ommar. Shafiig Khlayel intervened when Israeli occupation forces began assaulting a Palestinian woman shortly after her husband had participated in the Beit Ommar roadblock removal. As people tried to stop the assault, they themselves came under attack. Shafiig was punched in the stomach and back, as well as being hit several times with a rifle butt. After he was thrown to the ground, he was then set upon again, being kicked in the back and on the legs. Internationals who had been involved in the road block removal happened to be passing by the site of the incident and were able to intervene, putting themselves in between soldiers and those being attacked. Several internationals were injured. One was bitten in the arm by a soldier. Shafiig went to see a doctor after the attack in order to receive medical assistance and have his injuries documented. The rectangular mark from the rifle butt on his stomach is still visible. A week on, Shafiig is still recovering. Due to injuries sustained to his chest, he is having problems breathing, especially during sleep. Believing that nothing would come of it anyway, Shafiig has not reported his attack to the police.


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